The Malthusian Trap are an alternative indie band who in a short space of time have become quickly known for their driving beats, catchy bass lines, stand out guitar riffs and lyrical content. A band inspired by the iconic bands of the Madchester era, rave culture and UK grime. Their self released debut EP Palpitations was pressed onto vinyl and received acclaim not just for it’s beefy sound but it’s aesthetic design qualities as it was an artistic collaboration with the critically acclaimed street artist Mr Skillmatik. Ever since bursting onto the scene in Early 2016 The Malthusian Trap have been regular performers in legendary live music venues across the UK as well as playing sporadic dates in Europe. Their sound has been championed by many including blog writers, BBC Introducing and industry heads. The one thing that is consistent about The Malthusian Trap is that where ever they go they turn heads and for the right reasons! Polished sound, loud but melodic and lyrical content to make you stop and think as much as making you want to dance.


The Malthusian Trap are Damon Foster on vocals, Doug Bishop on bass and James Cox on lead guitar.


We released our first EP titled The Underclass in 2015, it was recorded in a home studio then released online for free download & was met with positive feedback.  We then recorded our second EP Palpitations and released the in 2017.  You can hear some of our tunes below but head over to YouTube or Facebook for more…


Details of UK dates imminent!!!



Get in touch we’re always keen to make new friends and be influenced by people.  All trolls and negativity are also welcome.