Through The Trap Door Podcast Episode 2 – Mud Flood, Coprolite and Keira Knightley

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You wait years for us to release a podcast and then we release two in the space of a week.  The feedback has been great and with each podcast, our egos grow bigger. Join us for episode 2 of us chatting nonsense in The Heavy Bag as we discuss Mud Flood, Coprolite and Keira Knightley. […]

The Malthusian Trap Podcast Episode 1 | Ghosts That Party, Paul McCartney and the Inner Shadow

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We’ve been threatening to release a podcast for sometime now.  When we’re in the Heavy Bag making music or rehearsing we innevitably end up sat round between bits of work chatting and chewing the fat.  We cover a wide range of conversation topics ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous, so we thought we’d plug […]