“The vocals are a dark – half sung and half spoken with an inflected snarl – like an early Bernard Sumner but a shade lower in pitch. The similarities don’t stop there – the quick-fire hi-hat drumming and synth led dystopian soundscape is pure Joy Division and New Order. The underlying dance-beat and mix of electronica and alien samples is reminiscent of ground-breaking 90’s act Renegade SoundWave. Deep, dark, danceable, and political, all in one.”
Indie Midlands
“The Malthusian Trap have one gimlet eye on the future and one grizzled eye on the past.If anything The Malthusian Trap have developed an even harder edge and steelier heart. The smooth, shimmering sound is refined sharp steel and concrete. It’s more than pure grit – this sound has a set driving purpose. And there’s a sense that no one escapes their tempered ire.”


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Damon, Doug & Coxe.x