When we were recording our debut EP Palpitations we were in the midst of a creative spurt and as a band we were starting to explore what would eventually become our ‘sound’.  We’d already written and self recorded an EP before this one, there was just two members of The Malthusian Trap back then.  Just me and Doug, in a bedroom, trying to forge a sound that had similarities to Mike Skinner’s The Streets or early Ian Brown solo material.  Doug (having been in a band before) had ambitions to play live again.  Damon, as an aspiring spoken word artist (posh for rapper wannabe) was only interested in recording and releasing music.

Things changed quickly when we started working with a guitarist and before we all knew it we were playing in live venues across the South West and the music started to take an identity of it’s own.   The identity of the band wasn’t complete until James joined to play guitar.  We knew that bedroom recording simply wouldn’t cut it any longer so we booked in some recording sessions at Batter Street Studios in Plymouth.  We already had three banging tracks ready to go.  The funky acid tinged Happy Monday’s-esc Palpitations, the politically driven energetic Blue Murder and a track that still, after all these years gets us pumped up on stage, Feeling of Freedom, but we wanted one more.  Something a bit insightful, deeper, softer and a song that would connect with our audience in a different way or as Doug would put it, something a bit ‘Meat Loaf’.

Like all musicians we like a drink or two (occasionally) and the inspiration for the ‘missing’ song came at the bottom of a bottle of Jack Daniels whilst listening to some of our favourite songs by an often underrated band from Manchester, Doves.

Damon started sharing tales of when he lived in a high rise tower block in Stockport for a time whilst growing up, getting drunk with his dad, throwing eggs out of windows at passers by, living amongst chaotic people, the stories of people on the estate, the noise of the planes on the airport flight path whizzing by the window, the smell of burnt out cars in the nighttime air and the views of the Manchester skyline, night lights illuminating the sky.

Before we knew it the inspiration was there, the missing song to complete the EP, we wrote Lancashire Hill, a tale of living in a high rise and we had our ‘Meat Loaf’ moment.

Not only did we record a wicked track, we also shot an ace video for Lancashire Hill and you can see it below (it’s well worth a watch).

If you like the track you might also consider buying the EP Palpitations (click here for the link), it also comes with some of the early Mike Skinner-esc tracks as a fans bonus. It’s a great EP and one worthy of a listen underneath the night lights with a glass of Jack Daniels to keep you company.

We’re currently getting ready to record our second EP, Damon, James and Doug, we’re working with some special people and we can’t wait to share the journey with you all.

In a bit…

The MT.x