Get a Copy of The Malthusian Trap’s Critically Acclaimed EP, Palpitations, Plus Some Bonus Content For Just £5.00!

“The Malthusian Trap played a set of acid-tinged rock and roll that wouldn’t have been out of place in the city’s music scene 30 years earlier. The band may be based in Devon now, but there was no faking the Sean Ryder-esque swagger and vocal style of Mancunian lead singer Damon Foster.” Big Issue North


Click Here To Download PALPITATIONS EP Now!

The Malthusian Trap are an electronic indie band whose music is routed in the classic bands of the Manchester era, as well as taking influence from rave culture and urban music. Palpitations is an EP that will appeal to fans of Happy Mondays, The Stone Roses, Sub Sub, Doves, New Fast Automatic Daffodils, New Order and Joy Division.

Their music has been championed by bloggers, music writers and broadcasters, as the bands musical style and lyrical content sets them apart from the norm. They are the perfect antidote for people who long for the days where musicians had something relevant to say and the attitude to match.

Palpitations is the perfect antidote to the modern noise and chaos that we currently live in, so grab a beer, put your dancing shoes on, grab the chaos by the horns and download the EP here. We’re such nice people, we’ve even shucked in some bonus music in for you for free!!!

You will receive a digital download of Palpitations (Bonus Edition) via email once you have placed your order.