The Malthusian Trap | Things To Come | Free Single

So the time is nearly here, on October 17th 2019 we’re going to be releasing our first piece of music in nearly three years.  As you all know we’ve been working hard on a new EP, and because we’ve not had anything new to release for such a long time we’ve decided that we’re going to release Things To Come as a stand-alone single.

No charge, free, as a thank you to all the people, fans and friends who have invested in what we do over the last few years.  We couldn’t do it without ya!

Not only that but Mr Cox has also laid down a super slick lyric video for the release.

To get the download all you need to do is sign up to our mailing list and if you’re already on it we’ll be sending you the link on October 17th.  So happy days!!!

Make sure you follow us on Facebook cos we’ll be dropping the music video there first on October 17th.x